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About X-Change Dialysis


XCD, a nation-wide licensed home dialysis supply company, began operations in 2003. We are proud of our Excellent Accreditation Rating. The company was formed by current President and CEO, Holly Jauch, with years of experience in the dialysis Industry including:

- Healthcare Regulations

- Home Dialysis Program Management

- Supply Procurement

- Reimbursement

- Customer Service & General Business Operations



We are dedicated to providing the home dialysis patient and dialysis program staff with the best service in a cost controlled manner. Our experiences have taught us valuable lessons of working with home dialysis programs to:

- Promote quality patient care focusing on cost savings opportunities; and,

- Maintain and/or improve upon financial objectives.



XCD listens, learns, and acts in response to the needs of our dialysis program clients. Each dialysis program is unique with varying process, protocols, and objectives. The cookie-cutter approach of the same services for everyone doesn't work for everyone.



We have agreements/contracts in place with the multiple dialysis manufacturers and vendors. Our focus is directed on the administrative and financial aspects of the home dialysis care process, allowing your clinical staff to focus on patient care. Services include:

- Home Supply, Equipment, and Medication (SUPPLIES) Procurement

- Fill the Patient Specific Home Prescription Requirement of SUPPLIES

- Assist Home Program Admin/Financial Functions: Order/Delivery, Financial Management, Reporting

- Accept Assignment of Benefits-Direct Billing/Reimbursement (as requested/applicable)



Our domestic healthcare environment has undergone many changes with more anticipated to come. Let us help you manage through these changes to the benefit of your patient's home care process and your dialysis program financial bottom-line.


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